A Study Found Thousands Of People Were Diagnosed With Cancer Because Of Poor Diet

Thousands Of People Were Diagnosed With Cancer Because Of Poor Diet

If there’s one thing which kills the most number of people in the entire world, then it’s Cancer. Many people don’t know that simple things like not following a proper diet might cause Cancer, yet they refuse to eat healthy foods. Now recent health has found a poor diet might lead you to the Cancer. More than 80000 new cases of cancers have seen in those people who are in their 20s, and that happened because of poor diet. In other words, 5.2% of new cases of cancers which are causing among teenagers and young adults is because of poor nutrition.

Researchers think not eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and dairy products and excessive eating of processed meat, red meat plus sugary beverage is causing such type of problems. In the United States of America’s challenge of obesity has always been a critical issue among the majority of people. Many people here are living with a very unhealthy diet plan, which is indirectly inviting dreadful diseases like Cancer.

Low whole grain consumption has found to be the primary reason behind the diagnosis of cancer among people living in the united states. Many people’s diet does not include it, which means they are not getting enough amount of proteins they needed to be healthy. Another primary reason could be consumption of sugary beverage that too with a larger quantity. In America, teenagers have admitted that they drink more than two cans of sodas, which is indirectly hurting their body without letting them know about it. The dietary issue has always been severe among many Americans because it’s causing more problems like cancer, diabetes, and acute heart diseases. However, this is not the first time when researchers have concluded that eating the wrong type of food would cause cancer. In 2015 a similar health done by some doctors and they found the same thing, but it seems like people are still not following a proper diet.

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