Report Shows China Is In No Rush To Restart The Trade Talks With The US

Report Shows China Is In No Rush To Restart The Trade Talks With The US

Currently, every country is watching the controversial trade war going on in between US and China because it’s ultimately hurting the global economy also. A recent report shows that China is no hurry to reopen the discussion of trade talks with the US. A few days ago both countries officials me at Washington, DC to talk about the trade deals. However, nothing went as planned because China decided not to sign an agreement according to the terms and conditions of the USA. Trump administration wants a fair trade deal with China in which they want Chinese companies to stop copying US-based companies ideas and designs.

Now Chinese officials are saying that they are not ready to talk about the trade deals unless trump administration stop to impose some realistic conditions before them. Chinese Officials are officially prepared for the consequences of this trade war because recently, Trump has decided to increase the tariff rate on Chinese goods to 25% from 10%. Chinese delegates were on their trip of USA to talk about the trade agreement, but nothing went as planned, and both countries discontinue this meeting.

The stock market of US and China is not performing well, which now creating a situation of panic among investors of both countries. China is relatively more dependent on the USA because most of its retail products go there. However, since the government is prepared for every consequence, they are trying to shift their core operations elsewhere. China has invited Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for trade talks, but it seems like Mnuchin hasn’t got permission from trump for this meeting. The situation between these two countries is getting tough every single day, and no can now predict whether they are going to sign a fair trade agreement or not.

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