Twitter To Bring Verification Program For Public Accounts, Verified Accounts To Get Blue Badge


Micro-blogging platform Twitter is set to relaunch the verification program. This will allow accounts to get verified from Twitter. The company is planning to launch the program for the public. It will soon begin accepting applications for verifying accounts. The profile verification process is likely to begin from May end. The launch will fulfill a long-awaited demand from the public. Twitter users were demanding from the social medial platform to introduce a new verification program for the public accounts. The company will soon release how the verification request can be placed. A form will be made available to the public who want to get their account verified.

It remains unclear how it will work and which type of accounts will be eligible for the program. Once an account is verified by Twitter, it will get the blue badge. The blue badge is added next to the name of the account owner. It indicates that the account has been verified by Twitter. Twitter earlier faced controversies in the US over its verification program. The company later decided that it will label different verified users for other people. This was done to help people understand if the verified accounts represent the government, administration, offices, politicians, or others. As per the current algorithm, Twitter has a different label for governmental accounts only.

Twitter said that it will ask applicants to tell whether the account is of a company, any group, activist, government official, athletes, journalists, sports group, or others. Users will have to share their identity cards with Twitter along with the form. Twitter will then initiate the verification process and label the account. The verification form aligns with the guidelines of Twitter. The decision to relaunch the verification form is seen as an effort by Twitter to continue improving the services and bring more features to the platform to enhance user experience. Twitter recently introduced its Spaces function and added the Tip Jar feature. Meanwhile, the company is working to launch a subscription tier.

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