Google Might Lose Over $50 million as Fortnite Parts with Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Fortnite is among one of the most familiar games out there currently. But it seems Google is missing out on a massive amount, since the biggest hit of Epic Games will not be obtainable on the Android’s Google Play Store. Instead one can get their hands on the game from the server of Epic cutting Google out entirely. Unlike on iOS platforms where Apple is responsible for controlling where one get their apps on the App Store, on Android platform users can select to get their apps from wherever they wish. Where on one hand most of the developers rest on Google Play Store to distribute their apps, Epic on the other feels that Fortnite can draw adequate amount of interest for allowing them in avoiding the need of a third-party distributor. This enables Epic to retrieve the commissions, which else would go to Google’s pouch.

Google even takes a cut from in-app and apps purchases made from the Google Play Store, and that’s also one of the reasons behind this by-pass of Epic with the Fortnite. The user count of Android is much higher than iOS thus if the Play Store doesn’t charges fee equal to that of Apple, it’s still a great loss for the company, almost $50 million as conveyed by data analysts. The Play Store is the basic app store for Android platforms and Google cuts off 30% of the entire revenue generated through this. A new published report by the “Sensor Tower” this decision may lead to miss out on an enormous amount of profit by Google. This projected $50 million loss could stand to be the case in the rest of this year.

Fortnite grossed more than $180 million just on iOS platform, which is the only platform now where the game is available. Apple thankfully after this gaining a huge amount of profit projected nearly $54 million from the time of its launch. Google seems to be quite unhappy with this and so they put the rival of Fortnite, the PUBG at the top of search bar when someone looks for the game.

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