McDonald’s is Proposing McGold Card, Granting Free McDonald’s for Life to One Individual


The international fast food giant McDonald’s for celebrating the national turn away of “Mobile order & Pay” in McDonald’s application. Consumers those who use Mobile Order & Pay will be gaining access for winning the impalpable McDonald card in a mobile version currently. It’s not any folk tale, as the suspicious McGold Card that for years has been rumoured for permitting few free McDonald’s for life, as of now that rumoured pass is bouncing back in reality for only one fortune member. One person will have the opportunity to be in “I’m lovin’ it” prize for life offering two free meals/week for the next 50 years. To get a chance for winning the free McDonald’s for life, consumers residing in U.S. need to download the “McDonald’s App” and place an order through the “Mobile Order & Pay” option that’s starting from 10th August till 24th August, with only credible entry per day.

The head of U.S. digital at the McDonald’s; Hashim Amin told that in order to celebrate Mobile Order & pay they’re rolling out one of their mobile customers a chance to win the McGold Card to join a selected group of McDonald’s fans, for only using the app. This give away is in response to celebrate the national Mobile Order & Pay. The winner of this card will have the fortune to get a customized 24-carat golden phone case for marking their membership into the mystery and history of McGold card myth. While releasing “The Gateway Arch at a ceremony in 1965, McDonald’s unfolded its first McGold Card to the St. Louis’s Mayor, in Missouri, and from that moment a tiny number of McGold Cards have been spread out to marked figures; right from the Governor of Michigan to the King of Sweden.

This “Mobile Order & Pay” is the advanced way to transform convenience and also value for the customers, says Hasim. They are rolling out this scope to give one of their McDonald’s fans the chance to win and collect this McGold Card.

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