Google Adds New Control To Turn Off Alcohol, Gambling Advertisements


Search engine giant Google has launched a new control feature to check advertisements for alcohol, gambling. According to the company’s statement, it has added a new control in Ad Settings for both — Google and hugely popular video-sharing platform YouTube. The new control will let users turn off alcohol and gambling advertisements on the two platforms. It said that enabling the tool will let people see fewer ads. The new feature has come as a respite for millions of Google and YouTube users. It said that that new control is being rolled out for users in the US. It will extend the feature worldwide in a phased manner.

Google said that countries with legal restrictions against such advertisements will not see any policy change. Notably, Google had features like Mute for such advertisements for a long. The option was used by people to indicate they don’t wish to see such content. Google said that the new control will determine when and where these ads can be shown, subject to laws in the respective country. It is seen as an additional measure by Google to check ads. It will give users another option when they wish to turn off ads. It, Google said, will enhance the users’ experience by filtering content that they don’t wish to see.

Google said that users will be provided with an option to reverse the setting as well. This means users can change the setting in case they wish to start seeing alcohol and gambling ads again. The company said that its officials are working in close coordination with the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking for responsible advertising and marketing of alcohol. IARD said that its engagement with Google and YouTube will give people greater control over online ads. Google said that it decided to let users opt-out of such ads after seeking feedback. The company had invited feedback from users on seeing ads for alcohol and gambling on its platforms. The company claimed that the new control guarantees to filter out 100 percent of such ads.

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