Google Extends Work From Home Policy Till September 2021, To Adopt Hybrid Workforce Model


Search-engine giant Google has announced to extend its work from home policy. According to Google, it will now allow its employees to work from till September 2021. Google had earlier said that it will not reopen offices until next summer. It has allowed those employees who don’t need to be in an office to work from home till June. Its CEO Sundar Pichai has sent an email to staff. He communicated to them that the company is mulling a fully hybrid workforce model. Notably, no company like Google has ever adopted such a model. Even though many are in the phase to test it, it will be quite interesting how the new model will benefit employees and the company.

Google also told its employees that when the offices reopen, its staff will be given the flexibility to rejoin the workplace. It said that employees may rejoin the office for three days every week. For the rest of the days, they will require to work from home. According to Pichai, the company has already started testing a hypothesis. Pichai said that he feels a flexible work model will result in greater collaboration and productivity. Notably, Google is in the process of laying out a series of changes that will affect the functioning of its employees post-pandemic.

Earlier, Google had announced that its workers can return to office by January 2021. Later, it extended the policy to enable its staff to work from home till mid-2021, subject to roles. The latest announcement regarding the extension of the work from home policy will apply to the company’s all 200,000 manpower. Several tech companies around the world have announced the work from home policy due to the pandemic. Twitter has said that it will allow its staff to work remotely if they wish. Facebook too has said that it will not open offices in the US till July 2021. Meanwhile, Google has also promised to make available Covid-19 vaccines to its employees by mid-to-late 2021. It, however, added that the drug will be made available to its staff only after vulnerable people are inoculated globally.

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