CDC’s Report On Going Flu Situation Shows That We Can Still Avoid The Severe Flu Condition

Flu Situation

In the USA right now the one thing which is getting lots of attention from the news channels and newspaper is the ongoing situation of flu season which has so far affected eight to nine million people living in the US.  The Flu season is on the rise, and recently CDC released its report on this ongoing condition which might be helpful for some people. This report states that more than 100000 people so far have been hospitalised because of the flu and related problems, if the number of patients keeps increasing at this rate then the health officials will have to take some severe steps. However, one can not say how bad this year’s flu season is because the reports from the CDC are incomplete and the flu season has just started in the country. If we compared this year’s so far data to the last year’s then right now people have a good chance of getting the vaccine which would prevent them from flu or cold.

The CDC agency is continuously releasing the data related to the Flu season because they think many people would get the idea about how to keep themselves healthy and get vaccinated. Last year the flu season created a massive amount of problems since more than 49 million people got sickened because of this virus, and approximately 80000 died. So if people want to avoid that situation, then they will have to be more active about how to stay healthy. CDC says that many people are not following the precautions which are required to prevent flu plus many are not getting vaccinated also.

However, this report of CDC shows that people still have options not to get diagnosed with the dangerous flu viruses. The elders and small children are getting most affected because of flu, so if you’re getting any flu-related symptoms, then it’s advisable to seek the medical help immediately.

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