Social Media Tech Giant Facebook Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

Facebook 15th Anniversary

There is a greater possibility that right now that you might be reading this news while surfing through your Facebook feed and if that’s true then it shows how much this tech media giant has made an influence on our lives. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook on February 4, 2004, exactly fifteen years ago Mark did not believe that he would be creating one of the largest tech companies of 21st centuries. From its beginning, Mark Zuckerberg faced lots of things some of which are good and most of them are wrong. However, he successfully turned an opportunity into a billion dollar company for which he shall take credit from all business and tech experts.

Since the company’s IPO net worth of Mark Zuckerberg has increased with a huge amount and now he is worth approximately $60 billion. However, from last few months, Mark has been lots of criticism for its way if handling company because Facebook has been in lots of data scandals due to which reputation of it has been declined. Facebook is that tech company which has been gone through some of the significant lawsuits because in its founding days Winklevoss brothers sued Mark Zuckerberg for stealing an idea.

The case settled in which Winklevoss brothers received 1.2 million shares of the Facebook company. Currently, the company is through some of its worse phases because EU has already put a massive amount of penalties on it for violating days privacy norms. There are some things which every company needs to take care of the most, and that’s reputation. Currently, Facebook is losing its reputation among its users since it has been found guilty in some severe data privacy scandals. If we looked into its financial position, then Facebook solely depends upon advertising source, and it does not have any other sources of revenues.

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