New Samsung’s Galaxy Sport Smartwatch Review – Might Not Have Rotating Bezels

Samsung's Galaxy Sport Smartwatch

Samsung’s Galaxy Sports smartwatches had the iconic rotating bezels as the control mechanism. The users had the choice to use the capacitive touch screen of rotating bezels to control the smartwatch and access features. According to the render leaks, the Galaxy Smartwatches that might come in Mobile World Congress will have no rotating bezels. The bezels were an integral part of the older version of Smartwatches from Samsung, but the company might ditch them, and we should know it in a few days.

Recent renders from popular smartphone news site suggest that the rotating bezels are gone and the users will be forced to use the capacitive touch screen. As the bezels are not present in the renders, we can see the sleek body combined with buttons on the side. Also, there is the possibility of having a better touch-screen module than the capacitive option. Samsung might even rename the smartwatch series to another name. In the renders, we can see the new color scheme; metallic brush finishes to the casing and a bright metallic Silicon Strap to keep the watch on your wrist.

Not just these, but the internals might have some promising improvements. The Galaxy Smartwatches would come with NFC Chip for Samsung Pay, Heartbeat Sensor, advanced GPS chip and improvements in battery life. As the FCC and other smartphone regulators have cleared the smartwatch, we might see it in the February 20th in the Mobile World Congress, Along with this smartwatch, Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10E smartphones. Barcelona. As these are just pre-leak renders, there is no confirmation from any other sources about the authenticity of the same.

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