Youtube CEO’s Kids Also Didn’t Like Youtube 2018 Rewind Video

Youtube 2018 Rewind Video

Youtube is undoubtedly one of the largest video streaming platforms which millions of people on a daily basis use. Youtube has changed a lot and company has been trying to make sure that users get what they want from this video streaming site. However, many days ago Youtube released its youtube rewind video in which they tried to cover some key moment of 2018 Youtube platform. But, unfortunately, this Youtube 2018 rewind video became a source of fun, and more than 16 million people pressed dislike button due which it became one of the largest disliked videos on internet. No one had expected that Youtube 2018 rewind video would be that much worse, but when users watched it, they showed their rage on Youtube’s trashy video. However, now Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki has also admitted that company’s rewind video was not good and even her kids also didn’t like it.

Susan Wojcicki who recently wrote a letter to all the Youtube’s creators and in that she mentioned that company never wanted to break one single record, and that was to create a most disliked video on the internet. While citing her thoughts, she even further said that her kids also didn’t like youtube 2018 rewind video. Some people complained that Youtube did not shows the real picture of Youtube because many fans were complaining that their favourite youtubers were not in that video and now Susan Wojcicki has agreed to all those criticism. Wojcicki said that company would try their best to improve platform by helping artists and creators and living upto customer’s expectations.

Youtube is getting bigger and bigger every year because no one was expected that there would be thousands of content creators on this platform who will entertain millions of people around the world. However, one thing is pretty much clear now and that’s Youtube 2018 rewind video was cringe also you’re not the only person who didn’t like it.

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