New Data Shows iPhone Users Spent $79 In 2018 On Apps And Gaming Subscription

Apple is currently worried about iPhone low amount of sales in the Chinese market, but it seems like it doesn’t matter that much for company. Because according to recent data released by famous tech website iPhone users on an average spent 79 dollars on apps and gaming subscription. Apple is renowned for its store-based services in which every iPhone user can buy games and application which they like. It seems like many iPhone users are spending too much money on such things because in last year the average spending of such users was $58 only.

So if we compare last year’s data then spending power of iPhone users have increased by 36 percent which is a good thing for the company. The data further shows that an iPhone user spent $44 on paid games and the rest of the $78 were spent on some applications. Entertainment category attracted most number of revenue on App store because many users spent most of their money in this niche only. Apple has been considering lots of options to get a perfect amount of revenue from App Store, and that’s why now most of its revenue comes from the subscription model.

Apple recently said that App Store has more than 30000 third party apps which are available on a subscription model. Many users don’t like to see ads while playing a game or using an application and that’s why Apple has decided to go with a subscription model which so far has got an enormous amount of revenues. A few months ago company removed those apps which were tricking users to get a subscription. Apple is highly committed to its users, and that’s why it’s improving its platform at a rapid speed. This data does not include other services bought by iPhone users due to which the number might be more significant too.

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