Survey Shows Americans Are Not getting Taller Instead They’re Getting Heavier

Survey Shows Americans Are Not getting Taller Instead They’re Getting Heavier

It seems like the health issues in the USA are not going to get solved that much more comfortable because according to a recent survey which shows that US teens are not getting taller but instead they getting heavier. A recent health study done by the researchers indicates that US teens are gettings lots of heavier and most of them are just a few pounds away from getting obese. Also, on the other hand, the average height of US teens is decreasing from the past decade. The average height of the only US Men has reduced from a few years, but there was no change for Women. Many researchers said this could be because of the country’s population. There’s been a significant increase of Mexican-Americans in the country from last years, and that group of people tends to have shorter heights.

This case study has been based on the data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2015-2016 survey in which CDC studied more than 5000 US adults. This case study showed that in 1960s men used to be 5 feet and 8 inches taller and weighed 160 pounds. However now men are usually one-tenth of an inch shorter and more than 30 pounds heavier. The survey also states that the average Mexican-American and Asian-American are three inches shorter as compared to blacks and whites, and there was same height gap in between women who belonged to these same ethnicities.

Many health experts believe that the problem of not getting taller is not that much severe, but those US tees which are getting heavier is a severe problem. CDC has already warned about the question about the increase in many cases of obesity in the USA, and it seems like there has to be more awareness regarding such issues.

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