Google Released the Spam Protection Tool for Messages App in Android

Spam Protection Tool for Messages App

Google is introducing the new feature for the Android smartphone users. The default Android Messages apps are getting a new update, which will help the users to filter the spam messages. The spam protection tool is the new feature which will soon roll out globally for all of the Android smartphone users. According to the popular Android news portal, the rollout has started, and the people have received the update notification via a pop-up. The update is server-side, and the users have to do nothing to update the application. The Android will filter the spam messages using the server side settings.

The update is optional by default, and the users can quickly turn ON or OFF it. To disable or enable the option, users need to go to the Settings in the Messages app and use the feature. According to the Support page from Google, the messages app will share some data with Google. The data includes the incoming messages numbers and the sender’s details. The Google servers will filter the spam messages according to their list of blacklisted senders. Strangely, Google has shared no official information about the Spam Protection tool.

With no statement, the experts claim that Google is going to test the Machine Learning Algorithm to check the spam messaging. Being deployed server-side, the machine learning algorithm will identify the spam message senders and can also identify the message contents. With this feature, Google might be trying to create an iMessage challenger application. With the closure of Allo, the instant messaging application which was built to challenge the iMessage and WhatsApp, Google is planning to improve the messaging app and create a stronghold.

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