Twitter Revamps TweetDeck, Testing New Features With Limited Users; May Go Premium


Microblogging platform Twitter has announced to rejig TweetDeck. The company is currently testing the improvements and new features. The improved version will be launched for the public soon. It is currently being tested with limited users in America, Canada, and Australia. The new features include a full Tweet Composer. Besides, the company will offer a new advanced search option in the updated version. There will also be new column types and allow group columns into clean workspaces. Twitter has already launched a preview of the new and improved version of TweetDeck. Twitter confirmed that it is testing new features with a very small group of people in the three countries. Those eligible can join the testing group.

The enhanced functionalities are aimed at making the platform more user-friendly. The new version of TweetDeck will offer a new layout and will incorporate more functionality. TweetDeck is a customizable tool by Twitter. Basically, it is a social media dashboard. It allows users to manage and organize multiple Twitter accounts. Users can easily keep track of lists, searches, hashtags, and more. TweetDeck earlier worked as a standalone app. But Twitter acquired it and integrated it into its interface. TweetDeck is one of the most popular features. It provides a more convenient experience to users by letting them view multiple timelines in one go. There are multiple advanced features also that make it a favorite among the users.

Besides managing multiple accounts, TweetDeck allows users to schedule Tweets, build collections of Tweets, and more. Meanwhile, the company is planning to turn TweetDeck into a new subscription service. A premium offering is likely to offer services such as breaking news alerts and analytics. The subscription service could be launched once the company unveils the enhanced version of TweetDeck. The company said that it regularly seeks feedback from users about their experience and introduces necessary measures to enhance the quality of services. Twitter said that the product team is working to make TweetDeck more valuable and has been experimenting with several features.

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