Instagram Adds New Feature To Allow Users Turn Off Sensitive Comments

Popular photo-sharing platform Instagram has rolled out a new control to filter the comments. It is called Sensitive Content Control. According to Instagram, the feature will allow users to decide how much sensitive content the Explore tab would show. It will allow users to turn off comments on the posts. This will help the company in checking the spread of sensitive comments on the platform. A user will now be in a situation to restrict someone from making sensitive comments. Besides, it will give control to users to prevent other users from interacting with them. Instagram added that users can leave things as they are if they do not wish to adjust sensitive content.

The company has added Sensitive Content Control in the Settings menu. Users can access it by going to the profile and then Settings. Tapping on the Account button will show the new feature. When tapped, the new feature will appear. Users will have the option to leave it in its default state. They can make changes from here and decide how much sensitive content could be shown. They can select from options like Limit, Allow, and Limit Even More Users. will have the flexibility to change the selection at any time. There is one exception in the feature. Instagram is not providing the Allow option to those below 18 years of age.

Notably, Instagram’s Community Guidelines already have a detailed roadmap about what kind of content can be shared on the platform. The guidelines prevent several sensitive content on the platform including hate speech and bullying of users. The company blocks content that can cause harm to others. Besides, there are a set of rules for content to be shown in places like Explore. Instagram and several other social media giants have been criticized in the past for promoting content that is not in accordance with others and poses a risk to them. Instagram, Facebook, and others have been proactively looking to fight the hate speech menace.

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