New Health Study Found That Even Little Consumption Of Soda Is Harmful For Health

New Health Study Found That Even Little Consumption Of Soda Is Harmful For Health

If there’s one thing which everyone likes to drink, then it’s soda. Sugar contained sodas have become a part of ordinary American’s life, and that’s why there’s a tremendous amount of demand for such products. However, even if you like to drink soda while watching your favorite movie or at a party then there’s a greater chance that you will suffer from severe health diseases. People often think that diet soda which doesn’t have that much amount of sugar is good for their health and that’s why they consume it in higher quantity.

A new health study was done by researchers at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School Of Public; it’s been found that sugar contained cold drinks increases chances of early death. In this health study, it’s been revealed that drinking one to four sugar included sodas increases one percent chance of premature death. If you consume one to two per week, it increases your likelihood of death by 6 percent also if anyone drinks more than two per day then there’s a 21% chance of dying. Now, this data might be shocking to you, but it causes many problems which ordinary citizens don’t know.

Health experts think many people tend to drink sodas because they feel good after drinking it also there’s a psychological connection behind such obsession. The United States of America is that country which is suffering from problems like obesity. People living in America are obese which is a primary reason behind health problems like heart attack, cardiac arrest, and high blood pressure. Now, this new health study done by researchers at Harvard shows us that people are following horrible health habits and they need to change it to stay fit. This health study could be an eye-opener for all those people who are not pursuing an excellent healthy routine.

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