A Study Found That Artificial Intelligence Can Help To Predict Premature Death

A Study Found That Artificial Intelligence Can Help To Predict Premature Death

Nowadays we have become so much dependent on computers that we use them on many occasions in our daily working life. We have seen that by using machines doctors are now saving human beings, but now recent health study might give you a shock. Experts at the University of Nottingham found that artificial intelligence can predict when a person might die because of some chronic disease. In this case study, some data scientists developed an AI system which is relatively more accurate in predicting chronic illness.

It can help persons to make sure that they are getting the right type of treatment. One of the lead researchers of this health study said preventive healthcare is growing at a faster rate which is necessary to prevent early deaths. In this study, researchers took data of more than half a million people who were aged between 40-69. Researchers said this AI predicted more accurate results about all of applicants than their anticipations.

One of the most critical things which scientists found is that this machine learning algorithm can predict death because of several diseases. There have been health study in this section, but in majority of them, the AI predicts death because of one or two conditions only. Researchers further mentioned that this AI is based on various factors. Because it gives results after observing demographic, biometric and environmental data which no other machine learning algorithm can do that much easier.

Now Some health experts are saying this health study could bring revolution if these AI machine learnings models are really that much helpful. Currently, many people die because of chronic disease all around the world, and if data scientists have developed such a fascinating AI, then this news is a piece of happiness for humans beings.

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