Nvidia Recommends to Stay Tuned for its Upcoming Themed GPU


Nvidia, the famous GPU producer, has teased an exceptional alliance with Cyberpunk 2077. Well, the news arrives a few months before the GPU maker’s upcoming launch in September. Nvidia has rolled out a blurry image of the GPU, including a short exchange between the Twitter accounts of GPU maker and Cyberpunk 2077. In a Twitter exchange, the accounts for Nvidia and Cyberpunk 2077 have collectively teased the latest mysterious edition. On Cyberpunk’s official Twitter page, it has questioned Nvidia about creating a limited edition Cyberpunk-2077 GPU. Meanwhile, Nvidia has replied with a simple message and a couple of emojis. All in all, the tease arrives in the form of a cryptic message noting – Stay tuned.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a themed GPU and is possibly the most-awaited game of the year. It will probably enable users to expand the graphical settings and obtain better visuals and performance. The innovative RPG will certainly be a demanding one if the gameplay we have seen up to now is anything to proceed. Even more, Nvidia now aims to ensure that users must have the precise hardware for the work. In the blurry image, the GPU seems to comprise of two fans. Also, its complete design is quietly similar to a 20-series reference card of GeForce. The card has an identical fan assignment along with the same angular gaze along the edges.

Well, Cyberpunk remains a most-awaited game from April, but it in no way means the boost has to settle down. But the latest GPUs developed for the launch of a game will not take place too often. So it would be an immense occasion if it does arrive at the realization. After that, a question that arrives in mind is whether the Cyberpunk-2077 themed GPU will gain the new skin. In this case, the latest RTX designs remain the most probable alternatives here. Maybe Nvidia could rename the design to the RTX 2077, as the option is readily available.

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