Hurricane Florence: Extreme Force Storm Directing towards Far North

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is a destructive tropical cyclone in the Atlantic Ocean intimidating the southeastern states of the United States and Mid-Atlantic States. It is the first big hurricane in the season of 2018 in the Atlantic Ocean. It emerged from a forceful tropical wave off the west coast of Africa and its steady movement indulged in the formation of a tropical depression near Cape Verde. It acquired strength in progressing towards northwest trajectory and after a variable strength over the open ocean and after rapid intensification, it converted into a major hurricane.

Hurricane Florence is revolving off the East Coast of the United States with a wind velocity of 140 miles per hour. As per sources, necessary evacuation has already been in place around the region by the authorities. The hurricane is expected to grow stronger as announced by the National Hurricane Center. Meteorologists have expressed concern since the hurricane appearing to be very harmful. Hot water fuels the power of a hurricane and the temperature drops as you move up. But it is unbecoming of the hurricane Florence as it is growing with more power and is expected to cause severe rain over Carolinas and the Mid-Atlantic region. It is categorized as “Category-four” hurricane with devastating winds and rain. Storms of this intense is uncommon to be seen in the region north of the latitude.

In order to survive a hurricane, the temperature needs to be at 80 degrees or more and the water has the same temperature where the storm Florence is moving. Further there is no more wind in the course of the storm to shear and tear it apart. Favorable conditions are present in the region for the hurricane to be so intense. Unlike hurricane Harvey, Florence is anticipated to be that furious and linger around in the region for a couple of days. There is a strong recipe of flooding and ruins are awaited. Potential landslides are also a possibility as the region has mountains that will cause the moisture resulting in flooding. The basic principle of meteorology is based on the high pressure systems prevailing over the Atlantic Ocean.

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