Nintendo Switch Production To Be Increased Manifold On Stay-At-Home Demand

Online Nintendo Switch Debuts in September’s Second Half

The stay-at-home scenario is likely to be extended considering the surge in Covid-19 cases in many parts of the world. This has led to an increase in demand for the already successful Nintendo Switch. In order to meet the continued increase in demand, the Kyoto-based company has decided to increase the output of the Switch. Nintendo is looking to produce around 30 million units by the end of this fiscal year. This production quantity will be an all-time high for the flagship gaming device. According to the people privy to the development, the company has approached several parts suppliers requesting them to accelerate production and expand output. People who are personally aware of the development said that the process for expanding the output has already started.

Nintendo made its worldwide debut in 2017. The step to increase the production of a device that is in its fifth year of existence is an unusual step. The company will have to make a strategy keeping in mind the fact that a number of new rivals have better options to offer. Nintendo has sold around 80 million units of the Switch as of the end of 2020. Combined with the projected production of units in this fiscal year, the total sales of the Switch will reach 110 million units. This will cross the numbers attained by the WiFi console.

Apart from this, reports suggest that Nintendo is also planning to release a follow-up Switch model. The latest model will be capable of better graphics. If this materializes, it will be the first such offering by the company since the release of the Switch Lite. The company is looking to offer better options as the stay-at-home scenario has fuelled the sales of the social game. This helped Nintendo to break a new consolidated profit record in the fiscal year 2020. Another thing that is driving the sales of Switch is the Nintendo Switch Online paid subscription service. This enables a player to pair with another subscriber and play the game. The number of subscribers for Nintendo Switch Online has more than doubled in a year. As of September 2020, the number of subscribers was around 26 million.

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