Instagram Reels Ads Coming To Four Countries


Monetization is a key aspect of any business. Social media platforms have emerged as an easy source of earning for several companies. Facebook-owned Instagram is also mulling monetizing Reels. Reels is a new way to create funny and entertaining videos on the hugely popular photo-sharing platform. Instagram is planning to bring advertisements to Reels. However, this will be limited to a few countries. The company will bring full-screen advertisements. To begin with, the company has picked up four countries where ads will be shown to users. The four countries are India, Brazil, Australia, and Germany. Ads to Reels will land in more countries later.

Ads to Reels would be similar to ads for Instagram’s Stories feature. The company is already testing 30-second long video advertisements. Such ads can run up to 30 seconds. Users will have an option to interact with in the same way they do with posts. Instagram will provide an option for skipping the ads altogether. The company is also working to add buttons like shop now. This will allow users to buy the displayed products directly and save time. Ads to Reels will provide more targeting options to advertisers for their campaigns. In terms of presentation, these ads will be the same as organic Reels. The company will provide some additional features like Sponsored tag for transparency.

Meanwhile, Facebook is also doing experimenting with sticker ads. This is a new ad format for the Stories feature. It is meant especially for influencers. It will allow creators to generate revenue from their Facebook Stories. These ads will look like stickers. Influencers can directly link brand-created stickers to products. This will enable followers to buy the products directly. It will redirect followers to the product’s website. Creators will be given a cut of the sale. The feature is, however, still being experimented. This is the first time when Facebook is doing experiments with such a feature within Stories. The sticker ads will be made available to limited advertisers and creators initially.

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