Germany Might Not Put A Ban On Huawei’s 5G Network

Huawei’s 5G Network

The US-China trade war is one of those topics which has been going on in news from last few months and so far both countries have tried their best to beat each other in this trade battle. However, one Chinese company which suffered a lot because of this geopolitical situation is Huawei. The trump administration had put some severe allegations on Chinese tech company, and president Trump even convinced US alliance countries of not letting Huawei in. However, it seems like Germany might not listen to the request of US since its officials are considering letting Huawei in. Federal Office for Information Security said that they did not find any evidences which might prove that Huawei is a threat to the country’s cybersecurity.

The US has recently noted that Chinese government is using Huawei products to get some private data for its own benefit. However, it seems like German government officials don’t think that way. If we look into Germany’s situation, then this country still lags behind other European countries in terms of internet speed, and by letting Huawei 5g network in, Germany would be able to improve its telecommunication network. On the other hand, Germany’s government is thinking that China might boycott it from various trades if they stop Huawei.

In this trade war between US-China, it seems, like other countries like Germany are also suffering the most. A few days ago England also said that they are not going to ban Huawei 5g network in their country. One of the government officials of Germany announced they need a fast internet in their country which Huawei’s 5G networks can provide at cheaper cost. Now US officials are warning Germany that China might gather and misuses the data of its local citizens unethically.

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