UK Might Not Put A Ban On Huawei’s 5G Network

Huawei 5G Network

When it comes to geopolitical situations sometimes, one can see the business getting affected because of some political conditions, and that’s what is happening with Huawei. According to the latest reports, the UK government is considering about allowing Huawei’s 5g networks in its country. Currently due to the trade war dispute between US-China Trump administration is trying to convince other countries for not using any Huawei products. However, it seems like the UK might not listen to trump’s administration since the government is thinking to put a limit on Huawei 5G technology instead of banning it permanently.

Currently, Huawei has got banned from the US and its alliance countries like Australia, New Zealand and many more but now the UK is trying to give some access to Huawei by not banning it directly. US-China is trying to beat each other in this ongoing trade war, but it seems like this time trump administration might not get support form UK government. The US has already said that Huawei is allegedly giving its users private and confidential information to the Chinese government which might be used by them immorally. A few days ago CBI said that they had found some evidence which might prove the fact that Huawei is giving the Chinese government its users data which could be a considerable threat. As of now, Huawei is not able to make the sale of its smartphones in the western market due to such allegations, and Trump has already convinced allied countries for not letting Huawei into their country.

Now UK governments trying to do something different because as per reports Huawei’s 5g enabled devices will have to follow some prescribed norms and conditions. If UK denies a request of US to ban Huawei’s product, then it will also send some negative message to other countries, and they might even let Huawei’s 5G enabled technology products into their country.

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