California Will Soon Have a Rule for Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

FCC’s decision to repeal the Net Neutrality laws had received enough criticism from users across the United States. Some states, however, started taking measures that would help maintain the core policies of the Net Neutrality. And, California is the latest member in the list to have a rule for net neutrality. As of now, the bill for net neutrality has been passed by the officials, but it is yet to be signed. If the bill is signed, California is likely to become the fourth state in the country to bring back Net Neutrality laws. The reason behind is that Democrats are supporting Net Neutrality.

California has been trying to re-implement the laws of net neutrality for a long period of time. However, it was recently that the officials managed to pass the bill. It should be noted that net neutrality becoming one law in California has further implications. For instance, California is one of the largest economies in the US, with a huge number of subscribers from various cellular service providers. If the state passes the law for net neutrality, it’s likely that Internet Service Providers would make the net neutrality applicable for the whole country and not just the specific state.

It should be noted further that the path of bringing back net neutrality is not that simple. Of course, if the net neutrality bill is signed, California would have the awesome right back. That having said, FCC does not want many states doing this. There have been rumors that FCC is trying to implement a rule that would be disallowing states from making laws that intervene with broadband regulation. If that happens, the state of things would turn back to normal, as the government had wanted it to be. Although similar laws were passed in other states, ISPs were not able to make deals with the government.

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