NASA Funds $3 Million to Godard Space Center for Manufacturing Nanomaterial Sensors

Nanomaterial Sensors

We’ve seen the multiple uses of Nano-materials in the medical industry and electronics industry. Now, NASA is spending nearly $3 million to manufacture the 3D-printed sensors with nanomaterials. The national space agency of America has funded the Godard Space Flight Center to build the sensors that may prove pivotal in coming days for the space rovers. The space rovers and probes will benefit with this high-performing and low-cost 3D-printed sensors in the space missions.

NASA is aiming to build the sensors that can detect the atomic or sub-atomic parts Ammonia, Hydrogen, and Oxygen in outer space. With the help of nanoscience and nanomaterials, the space agency can achieve the targets and do more research with their rovers on other planets. Currently, the sensors that NASA uses are bulky and expensive. Bulkier the sensors are more costly they are, and that’s why NASA wants to try their hands at nanoscience and use 3-D printed sensors that will take lower manufacturing costs and also will be more effective than the current ones. So, the newly printed circuit boards and sensors will be able to detect the particles that are impossible to identify with classic sensors and assembly.

NASA is planning to take humans back on the moon by the next ten years. To collect the data on the planets, the sensors are essentials. That’s why NASA is funding the program to use Nanoscience to build efficient circuitry for better research. As per the reports, the entire development program by Godard space Center will take nearly two years to complete after that NASA can get their hands on the developed sensors and circuit boards to install on their future space probes and rovers which are ready to visit the moon or our neighbors for research missions.

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