Facebook Launches Redesigned Settings Page; Settings Grouped Into Six Categories For Easy Access


Social media giant Facebook is revamping its Setting menu. The company has already made the redesigned Settings page live. It said that the new page is more users friendly. It will offer easy access to several of its features. It said that users can easily find and change privacy settings. It has also simplified other options. According to Facebook, the redesigned page is an effort of the company to improve users’ experience. Facebook has also streamlined the page layout. It has kept all the previous settings and made it easier to access the tools in the Settings menu. Facebook said that it has reduced the categories. It has now grouped Settings into six categories.

Facebook said that the new page will allow users to manage ads they see on the platform. They can also adjust sharing settings. The company said that people will not have to think too hard before starting. This is the main reason why Facebook has reduced the number of categories. Besides, it has also renamed them to let users connect with the settings. Facebook has also relocated several standalone settings on the redesigned page. Facebook in a statement said that the new page comes with improvements. Facebook’s redesign Settings is available for both Android and iOS devices. Besides, it is also being rolled out on FB Lite, and mobile web browsers.

Meanwhile, Facebook accepted that it is not easy to detect accounts of those below 13 years of age. The company said that it is developing artificial intelligence technology to find such accounts on the platform. The social media company said that it wants users to tell the right age and therefore it is creating news ways. It will prevent underage from signing up. Facebook currently asks people to submit their birthday to sign up. There is no way to verify this. Some have even suggested that collecting identity cards from the users at the time of sign-up will establish their real age. But this has many limitations as many people in different parts of the world don’t have IDs.

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