Delta Variant Produces Similar Viral Loads In Those Fully Vaccinated And Unvaccinated; Increases Transmission Risk


There have been concerns over increases Delta variant cases. Several American states are once again reporting high Covid-19 caseloads. States with low vaccination are only adding to the worries. The health authorities are struggling to push the vaccination drive and cover the maximum population as early as possible. Past studies have shown that vaccination can cut the risk of hospitalization and death in those infected with Delta variant. Therefore, it is important to take the shots to developed protection against infection. But a new study has now revealed that the viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people are the same if they get infected with the Delta variant of Covid-19.

The Delta variant was first found in India. It is highly transmissible. It causes severe infection and needs heavy medication. A person infected with the Delta variant has to stay for a longer period at the hospital to recover. Also, the treatment requires a high flow of medical oxygen to aid the patient in breathing. Any delay in hospitalization or proper medication can be fatal. The CDC said that study involved 469 patients. All the patients were residents of Massachusetts. Nearly 74 percent of fully vaccinated people were infected. When testing was done, 90 percent of specimens collected from 133 people had Delta variants. It was also found that cycle threshold values were the same in all the patients who had taken two doses of the vaccine and those who had not.

According to CDC, increased viral loads mean that the risk of transmission is also high. It said that vaccinated people too can transmit the virus similar to unvaccinated. This finding comes days after the CDC recommended that fully vaccinated people should resume wearing masks. The CDC had three months ago said that fully vaccinated American people are no longer required to wear masks. The change in the mask mandate comes amidst rising cases of Delta variant in the country. It has also been suggested that vaccinated people should get tested if they were exposed to someone infected. Notably, the US is the worst-hit country by the pandemic. It accounts for the maximum number of cases and deaths in the world.

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