To Secure Accounts, Twitter To Soon Bring Security Key As Only Authentication Method


Twitter is planning to introduce a new method to secure users’ accounts. The microblogging platform has said that it will allow the security key to authenticate the accounts. The company said that it will bring multiple security keys for the 2FA method instead of one for every account. Twitter currently allows users to sign in using a security key. It said that the new method is aimed at adding another level of security to the accounts. Once launched, users can guard their accounts with multiple security keys. Security keys are said to be the most secure way to guard social media accounts against fraudulent attempts to hack accounts. It will also help in checking the misuse of accounts.

Twitter said that it soon roll out an update to implement the new authentication method. It said that users will have to enter security to log in instead of simply entering a password to access the account. The company said that it will make sure that an account owner only gets access to his or her account. It added that the company is committed to guarding the accounts against phishing attacks. The method will add an extra layer of security. The company also vowed to take similar measures in the future to safeguard accounts and enhance user experience. Twitter in December 2020 updated the desktop-like two-factor authentication. This allowed users to access their accounts with physical security keys on the iOS and Android platforms.

Several authentication applications are available in the market. The popular ones include Google Authenticator or Authy. They are considered most secure than using SMS codes for 2FA. The physical keys are paired with a computer with the help of a USB. It can also be connected via Bluetooth. A user will not require to physically type in a code. It will also prevent malicious parties from intercepting and thus blocking the possibility of someone hacking an account. It also means that users will not need to share any additional personal data like a mobile number with Twitter to log in. This will bring more privacy and make the system transparent.

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