Huawei Launches New Operating System As Replacement Of Android


Chinese tech giant company Huawei has managed to launch its operating system called HongmengOS, which is known as HarmonyOS in English. Richard Yu, who is the CEO of Huawei on Friday, released this news of operating system in which he said that this new operating system is part of the Internet of Things. Reportedly this operating system can be used in different devices such as smartphones, speakers, or even sensors too. Harmony OS is going to be used on smart screen products in the upcoming months.

Huawei is planning to expand the usage of the newly launched operating system into wearables and car head units in forthcoming years. US-China started a trade war a few months ago, and because of it, Huawei got trade restrictions in the USA. Trump administration decided to put Huawei in blacklist in which they are prohibited to do business with few exceptions. After Google ended the contract of providing the Android operating system, Huawei soon started to build its own, and they have succeeded at it.

Huawei is first going to launch HarmonyOS in China and then later going to expand it globally. However, it’s not because of the trade war Huawei has managed to build its operating system. There were reports even before that Huawei is trying to develop an operating system by itself, and they are working on it. Richard YU said that there is no clarity on whether Huawei is going to use the Android operating system in their mobile phones. But the company said existing products which are launched with the android operating system are not going to get affected because of the ongoing trade ban. However, future smartphones and other devices which Huawei is going to produce will surely have HarmonyOS as an operating system.

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