Fortnite Estimatedly Made Approximately $2.4 Billion


In the gaming industry as of now, only one company is dominating, and that’s Epic Games which has developed Fortnite. Fortnite is that game which has gained an immense amount of popularity from the last couple of months also that’s the reason now it’s estimated that this game might have earned more than $2.4 billion of revenue. According to the data released by the analyst firm SuperData which states that Fortnite was the top grossing free to play the game in 2018. According to this analyst firm Epic games managed to monetize this game properly successfully and that’s the reason more than 34% of the US players bought “battle pass,” it’s an in-game feature which has become famous among Fortnite users. Free-to-play games have become a significant part of the digital gaming industry because these games accounted for 80% of total digital games revenue.

According to data firm games like Fortnite are increasing their popularity base in North America and European countries and the majority of the company’s revenue comes from these two regions only. However, one thing which makes Fortnite different is that it has made significantly more income than any other well established free to play games like Tencent’s Honour of Kings, League of Legends and Candy Crush Saga. In the gaming industry, it’s not easy to beat the already well-established games which are loved by millions of gamers worldwide. Epic games are trying their best to promote this game on every platform, and that’s the company has decided to expand it on Android and Nintendo Switch also.

According to SuperData, the Fortnite is getting popular in Asian market also Epic Games think that the only reason why they managed to pull that much success is that they steadily worked on improving the game and it seems like in 2019 also Fortnite might be the king of free to play games.

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