Sony Rolled Out 3 Million VR PlayStation Headsets

Sony VR PlayStation Headsets

The Sony Interactive Entertainment declared that it has officially rolled out over 3 million PlayStation VR devices, and even sold out 21.9 million PS Virtual Reality games and experiences. Sony thanked to all its fans and their amazing support, and they are amazed for this response from their gamers those who have experienced the magic of this VR games and stepped into the fascinating worlds that triggers the senses. Sony has surpassed a significant milestone, but the process in taking the VR to the mainstream still has miles to go. The following step in that journey is the second-gen headset, but that’s not happening right away at least till PlayStation 5 arrives.

Sony revealed that more than 3 million PS VR systems had been sold out across the globe since its launch on 13th October 2016 as an accessory of the PS 4. News of this achievement comes from the table of the Vice President of PlayStation at SIEA; Mary Yee who told that Sony has even sold out PS VR games of about 21.9 million along with experiences. For celebrating the occasion, Mary additionally declared that the release dates of two of the highly anticipated PlayStation VR games. While other VR headsets such as; Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive need high-end and powerful computers, but the PSVR blends with the comparatively cheaper PS 4. This is what helped PS VR operate better in the field of competition. The most familiar game on the system is the “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim VR” by Bethesda Softworks, followed by “Rec Room” and “PlayStation VR Worlds”.

Lately, the PSVR has 340 games in its list with a number of high titles hitting in the upcoming months along with the “Blood & Truth,” “Firewall Zero Hour,” “Astro Bot Rescue Mission,” “Trover Saves the Universe,” and “Deracine.” Coming from the Survios publisher house “Creed: Rise to Glory” is a VR premiere boxing games that have players in the role of Adonis Creed. It releases on 25th September for almost $39.99 and its pre-order starts from today.

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