Fortnight’s Addiction Is Getting Serious As more Kids Are Going Into Gaming Rehab

Fortnight's Addiction Is Getting Serious As more Kids Are Going Into Gaming Rehab

We all have seen kids playing video games and enjoying every moment of it, but very few parents observe how much their kids are spending time on a daily basis to play addictive games like a fortnight. Because according to a recent report many parents are taking their kids into the gaming rehab to break the addiction of playing fortnight game. Fortnight which is a post-apocalyptic shooter game created by Epic Games Inc made its debut in 2017, and so far this game has got a tremendous amount of popularity among children’s. However, this much popularity of fortnight has increased the tension of parents since many are now worried about their children’s addiction to this game, and that’s the reason many parents are sending their kids into rehab.

We all like to play video games, but sometimes we get so much into a particular game that we get addicted to it, and that’s what’s happening with fortnight. Because according to a report approximately 200 million gamers played the fortnight so far and the company has earned more than 1.2 billion dollars by selling V- Bucks which is an in-game currency. It’s been observed that Many children are spending tons of money to buy the in-game currency, and that’s a serious problem from a parents point of view. However many experts believe that this game is costing kids lack of sleep, low grades and many other things which is a concerning thing.

There are many things which are worrying parents because the majority of them are in a dilemma about how they shall stop their kids to play fortnight and that’s the reason many of them are now seeking professional help. Sometimes it’s good to get a professional’s help to solve problems like gaming addiction because things like this can cause serious long-term problems on kids health.

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