Elon Musk Is Considering To Buy The Idled Factories Of GM

Elon Musk Is Considering To Buy The Idled Factories Of GM

If there’s one thing which everyone loves in business, then it’s grabbing the opportunity, and it seems like Elon Musk might be doing the same thing. Because recently while giving an interview Elon Musk said that Tesla Inc. might be interested in buying all those factories which GM has decided to close down. A few days ago the auto giant company General Motors declared that they are going to shut down their significant plants in the USA and Canada. This decision of GM is negatively impacting the company because many people who are going to lose their job because of this decision are criticizing the company. However, it seems like the tech billionaire Elon Musk is going keep these factories going since he has shown his interest to buy them.

General Motors a few days ago in a press conference stated that the company is going to shut down their production plants located at Ohio, Detroit and Ontario by the end of next year. However, after declaring this news the company had to face lots of criticism from general public and politicians. On the other hand Elon Musk is seeking a great business opportunity in this deal because from few months the company’s image has been gone down because of the Musk’s controversial tweets. But, it seems like by buying all these idle factories Elon Musk is trying to save the jobs of these workers and it might help him to increase his company’s reputation.

In business every rival wait for their opponent’s mistake and when they get the chance to defeat their competitors they do it without thinking twice. Here, Elon Musk is not the only person who is trying to get ahead in the automobile industry because recently Volkswagen has also decided to increase their factories in the USA to counter general motors. But still, Elon Musk has got more chance to prove that his company is going to give all those workers a job.

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