Planet Patrol: NASA Hiring Volunteers To Search For Alien Worlds’


The US space agency NASA is searching for alien worlds for decades. It has now sought help from common people to discover planets with aliens. The agency said that it is recruiting people to find out alien worlds. NASA said that these are volunteer posts. This means people involved in the business won’t be paid for their time and effort they put in. The space agency said that it wants people to examine thousands of pictures thoroughly to pick which is most important and having the potential to host life. According to NASA, though it will not pay anyone for their efforts, the agency expects people will show interest in working for it.

The agency said that those selected for the job will work with its Planet Patrol. Planet Patrol is a just-launched citizen-science project by NASA. According to the website, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite mission will click millions of stars in the solar system. NASA said that at Planet Patrol, newly recruited will assist experts to check the data from the TESS mission. Their task will be to study these stars to search for potential planets orbiting them. Such celestial bodies are called transiting exoplanets. NASA is confident that it will find thousands of such transiting exoplanets. It said that the agency needs people to help to spot these objects.

The agency will provide one image at a time. This will be done to ensure that suspected objects are planets in reality and minimize errors. NASA said that based on the outcomes, it will plan future missions to explore these objects. NASA has invited volunteers from different pockets of the world for its Planet Patrol project. NASA said that automated methods sometimes fail to spot exoplanets. It believes that human eyes have characteristics and are excellent at spotting such bodies. NASA has time and again sought the public’s help to execute its several missions. Perhaps this is the first mission where NASA will not pay anything to people helping it in discovering the aliens’ worlds.

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