Flu Season Which Was Supposed To Went Down Is Still Growing At a Rapid Rate

Flu Season Which Was Supposed To Went Down Is Still Growing At a Rapid Rate

Currently, the only reason why so many people in USA are getting sick is because of ongoing flu season. When everyone thought that now it’s an end of flu season a new data released by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is showing some other side of story. According to CDC flu season is still increasing at a rapid rate also more than 20 states have registered highest level of flu activities. Reports of CDC shows that more than 26.3 million people have fallen sick because of this ongoing flu season which started in October. A significant problem which people are facing is not getting property vaccination for curing such illnesses. Small children and old aged people are getting most affected because of this flu season, now that’s why doctors are also worried about this whole situation.

It’s been reported that 64 children have died because of influenza-related activities. CDC has stated that this number could be more significant because not all hospitals have maintained a proper record of patients. Health officials from CDC on Friday said that so far 347000 people have been hospitalized because of flu activities and 31200 deaths have been recorded. Now, this number could be more prominent in reality, but still, it’s not enough to show us that problem is much bigger and dangerous than we thought. Following are the name of those states which have recorded a higher number of flu activities: Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana.

Widespread influenza activities have been recorded in some states from last few days which is a concerning thing. Some health officials are trying their best to make sure that everybody gets proper treatment. CDC is advising people to get flu shot and follow all precautions to prevent influenza since it’s better to follow those advices which will help them to keep healthy.

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