Russian Dairy Farmers Have Given VR Goggles To Cows To Make Them Happy

Mark Zuckerberg introduced VR in front of the world by giving them to thousands of people to make them believe that virtual reality is the future. However, it seems like some farmers in Russia have gone ahead and use the VR technology in their dairy farming. Reportedly some dairy farmers have placed VR goggles on cows thinking that would make these cows happy and will result in a better quality of milk. These dairy farmers might have found the correct use of VR goggles in a very unusual way.

If cows’ productivity increased, then dairy farmers can make good money from these VR goggles. There is a farm outside Moscow that is testing this unique experiment said they are expecting a rise in quantity and quality of milk. The ministry of agriculture even published photos about the proof that cows have given VR goggles, and one can see how happy these cows look. The ministry of agriculture emphasized on the benefits of using VR by stating that cows milk quality and quantity depends upon the environment in which they are living. If cows became happier with the help of VR, then it might benefit dairy farmers in various ways.

This study has not verified whether the use of VR is improving the production of milk. However, one can say that the anxiety and other illnesses which are faced by cows can be reduced with the right use of VR glasses. This is not the first time when someone has used VR glasses in farming because some Wagyu farmers have previously used mood lighting to make cows happier, which states that there is a scope of using Vr glasses in agriculture also. Still, it would be interesting to see how much benefit these VR glasses would bring in overall dairy farming.

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