Report Shows That In 2018, 78% Of Tesla’s Model 3 Cars Were Sold Online

Tesla Model 3

Tesla that company which has fascinated its customers and investors with its innovative products. Currently, car producing companies like Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen are trying their best to enter into the electric vehicle industry which as of now is dominated by Tesla. According to a recent email sent by Elon Musk to its employees, it’s been observed that more than 78% of the total number of Model 3 cars were sold online last year. Elon Musk yesterday sent an official email to its employees to show why the company is changing its sales strategy.

Now in this email, it’s been found that the majority of buyers bought cars from the company’s official site directly. Also, 82% of total buyers didn’t even take a test drive before making an actual purchase which is a quite surprising thing. Elon Musk said in the email that Tesla is trying to improve its online presence and if the company succeeds to do so, then it will reduce its cost by more than 6%.

Maintaining cars at offline stores is hard for a company economically since there will be a lot of expenses which the company have to bear. Now some experts are saying this move will reduce Tesla’s sales staff and many people will lose their jobs because of Tesla’s priority to online presence. If we look at the historical data, then Tesla had only 899 employees in 2010, and now it gives employment to more than 45000 people. However, since top executives are trying to improve its sales strategy, it seems like some people might lose their jobs. In 2018 Tesla sold 140000 model 3 cars and out of that 110000 were sold online now this data shows that what company doing is right for its future growth.

Currently, Tesla Inc. is working to produce more cars to meet up to customers and investors expectations. Last year was good for the company since it recorded a good amount of profit also paid off some of its long term debt.

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