Ginger Zee Opened Up About Her Struggles With Eating Disorder

Ginger Zee Opened Up About Her Struggles With Eating Disorder

Sometimes a person might not want to eat anything, but if you’re getting that feeling more often, then you should visit hospital. According to recent reports released by National Eating Disorders Association more than 10 million Americans currently, are suffering from eating disorder. Recently famous TV personality Ginger Zee revealed her own struggles again eating disorders which shows that this health issue is quite severe. During ongoing National Eating Disorders week, Ginger Zee made some awareness about Anorexia nervosa to help people are suffering from eating disorders. While sharing her thoughts, she said she had been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa for more than a decade due to which she had to face lots of health issues. According to Zee the main problem of an eating disorder is not about food, but it’s about mind. Zee thinks a person with eating disorders will always feel shame about eating specific type of foods which will ultimately prevent them from eating.

Now if we look into current situation, the problem of an eating disorder is getting quite dangerous because many people are not able to get treatment for such type of health issues. Zee thinks that she successfully overcome a problem of eating disorder because of the right medication she got, and now she thinks everyone also deserves same type of treatment. Eating Disorders is the second most dangerous mental illness in the USA which needs more public awareness. Mental health issues often don’t take that much attention among people due to which those people who are suffering mostly not get necessary treatment. Zee revealed that she used to be in agony because of not eating anything even when her body needed a proper amount of food. Most people who suffer from such type of illness are mentally ill and requires an appropriate treatment for the same.

There are many health organizations which are trying their best to do awareness regarding this issue to help all those needy people.

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