Target Will No Longer Open Its Stores On Thanksgiving, CEO Brian Cornell Says Its ‘New Normal’


Target (TGT) closed all its stores last year citing safety norms during the pandemic. It was a temporary measure adopted by the retail giant when the coronavirus pandemic forced people to follow social media norms. This helped the company limit crowds in stores. Keeping the coronavirus scenario in mind, Target had announced that it would remain close this Thanksgiving too. But Target has now decided to remain closed on all Thanksgiving. Target chief executive officer Brian Cornell said that it would now become a new normal. “Closing Target was a temporary measure driven by the pandemic. However, this is going to be a new standard,” Cornell tweeted.

According to Cornell, the decision to permanently close Target stores on Thanksgiving after he visited them last week in New York and New Jersey. During his visit, workers of these stores told Cornell that they were glad that they would be able to spend time with family on Thanksgiving. Cornell said in a note to employees that “this is not the last Thanksgiving when you will be able to spend time with family and friends. Because Thanksgiving store hours are one thing that the company won’t ‘get back to’ even when the pandemic subsides.”

Several other chains had to close their doors after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Walmart, Best Buy, and several other retail giants remained closed on Thanksgiving. They will remain closed even this year. But none of them have made any announcement regarding making this a permanent thing. The announcement by Target shows how holiday shopping stretches in America. Earlier shopping for these occasions used to be for a few big days. But now, these retailers have started to spread them across the season. Making it easier for customers to do shopping by avoiding rush at stores. On the other hand, there are some states which have prohibited big-box stores from opening stores on Thanksgiving.

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