Google Adds High Dynamic Range Mode To Camera Go App


Search engine giant Google has announced an update for its Camera Go app. The company has added the High Dynamic Range mode to the app. The dedicated HDR mode is aimed at enhancing photography. It will benefit the low-end Android devices that are Go-supported. Google said that the HDR mode will increase the dynamic range of a photo. The statement added that it will allow users to click pictures with crisper details. The overall output of a photo will get a lift. Users will now be able to see objects in detail in an image. Google in October announced that a dedicated team is working on the HDR mode in the Camera Go app.

Google had earlier added the night mode to the Camera Go app to take high-quality images. The night mode was added to entry-level Android devices in October. The mode lets users capture photos in detail even when the light is low. It also produces good results when photos are clicked in no light conditions. The night mode was rolled out by Google alongside the Nokia 1.3. Google launched the Camera Go app in March 2020. It is a default camera application in low-end Android smartphones. It comes pre-installed on entry-level smartphones. According to Google, the application is specially designed for devices with lower RAM.

Google said that users will need to update the app via the Play Store to get access to the HDR mode. When updated, users will get to see the HDR mode button. Tapping this button will enable the mode. Notably, Google at the time of the Camera Go app’s launch promised that it will bring cool and unique features. The app is available for phones running Android Go Edition. The company said that non-Android Go users can also try the stripped-down version. However, a few elements of the app like night mode and HDR mode may not work fully. Users can download the updated Camera Go APK only on smartphones running Android 8.0 Oreo or above.

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