Verizon to Launch 5G service in Chicago and Minneapolis on 11th April

Verizon to Launch 5G service in Chicago and Minneapolis on 11th April

Verizon announced that they are ready to launch the 5G wireless network service in the united states by April 11th. The company said that they would launch the 5G wireless network service in Chicago and Minneapolis first on 11th April and then will schedule a nationwide launch. Current Verizon 4G service customers will have to pay extra $10 fee for accessing the 5G service on their smartphone. As of now, the only supported device for Verizon 5G is Motorola Moto Z3 with 5G Moto mod.

The company is expected to support other 5G supported smartphones. But as only the Motorola Moto Z3 is available in the market, they’ll support the same. Once the popular Flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and LG V ThinQ, which will help the 5G wireless technology standard. The current unlimited plan for Verizon 5G will start from $85 per month. In this $85 per month plan, Verizon will provide unlimited internet access to the users. According to Verizon, they will not throttle the speed of Moto Z3 devices, and there is no preset amount for 5G service users.

This will be the first time when Verizon is launching the Full-fledged 5G services to the United States of America customers. Currently, only Chicago and Minneapolis customers will get access. The 5G by Verizon is based on the 5G Standard developed by 3GPP. But, the in-home 5G service provided by Verizon is based on proprietary specifications, so the users won’t be able to access both the services at once. The carrier is planning to launch the 5G service in more than 30 cities by the end of this year. But, they have not shared the details about the roll-out plan as of now. To access this service, customers will have to purchase Moto Z3 smartphone and a separate 5G Moto Mod.

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