Apple Is Trying to Move Its Manufacturing Plants From China

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When it comes to tech giant company, many of these companies have production houses set up in China. One reason why everyone prefers Asian country is because of high-quality labour work at low cost. Now Apple is that tech giant company which is getting supply for its smartphone and other gadgets from China. Since trade war has started, Apple is suffering because of it, and now since China has raised the rate of taxes, it’s getting even harder for Apple to maintain its production houses. A recent report shows that Apple is planning to move around 15-30% of its current manufacturing plants from China.

Trump recently decided to put a hefty amount of taxes on Chinese goods and services. Now to retaliate that move Chinese government has also come up with the same technique. Apple is too dependent on China when it comes to promotion of smartphones, and since the risk is increasing, it’s better for Apple to take such type of decisions. The Chinese government is getting harder on US-based companies, and Apple is trying to save money by shifting its core business operations from China to elsewhere. A few days ago, credit rating agency Fitch released a statement in which they have said that Apple, Dell Technologies Inc and HP might go into China’s blacklist.

China has already started to prepare a list of unreliable entities. They are going to include the name of those entities with whom the government is not going to let any other Chinese company do any business. Apple is on the verge of getting into that list, and that’s the reason why tech giant has decided to shift its core production from China. Still, it’s not clear where Apple is going to shift these manufacturing plants; experts are predicting that India might be a good alternative for China.

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