A Passenger On Air Canada Was Left Alone On Cold Dark Plane

A Passenger On Air Canada Was Left Alone On Cold Dark Plane

We all have to travel from one place to a mother, and if the journey required to travel from Airplane, you would want to have a safe and beautiful journey. However, what would you do if you woke from a nap and found that there’s no one in the plane and you are left alone?. Well, something like that has recently happened with a person in Canada. A lady took a flight from Quebec city to Toronto Pearson International Airport, which took more than 90 minutes traveling. However, because of the stress and anxiety relating to traveling, she fell asleep on an empty flight.

The flight which was supposed to be accompanied by lots of passengers went to the destination empty. When the flight reached its destination and parked, the lady was still sleeping in that dark and cold Airplane. The passenger’s friend shared this whole incident on the facebook page, where she mentioned how careless the service providers were to wake her up. Adam, who was the passenger, told the reporters that when she woke up, she saw that the plane had already arrived at its destination and there was no one. Since it was cold, her phone’s battery was also dead, so there was no chance that she would get a call from anyone to ask her whether she has reached her destination or not. After waking up, she went to the cockpit and found the flashlight, and with its help, she opened the exit door.

However, there was no gangway and the distance to reach to the ground was around 50-60 foot, so it wasn’t easy for her to jump. She used the flashlight to get someone’s attention and eventually succeeded at it, but in between, she felt some horrible experience. Air Canada has officially apologized for their mistake, and now every passenger should be awake when they are traveling through airplane.

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