Tim Cook Talked About The Privacy, Steve Jobs And Work

Tim Cook

Apple is that tech company which has brought and presented some innovative product in front of people, and that’s the reason ‘it’s one of the most valued tech companies in the world. Tim Cook, who is CEO of this giant company, delivered the commencement address at Stanford University. While giving his speech, he talked about privacy, the need to be a builder and some things about Steve jobs also. Tim thinks to create something innovative; a person needs to be a builder because, without such a situation, we won’t receive any innovation.

He further mentioned the fact that from the last few years, Silicon Valley hasn’t provided with any innovative things. But, according to Tim, what’s more necessary is privacy in this digitized age. He thinks nowadays people are talking less, feeling less and doing fewer things because of the lack of privacy they get in this digitized world. In this world, we need people who would think something new and different, but since privacy has become such a more significant issue, no one is coming up with innovative things. Tim further mentioned about building things. According to him, the most significant innovators think that their name would be in this world echoing even after their death.

Everyone should feel like that because that’s how great innovators are made. Tim Cook stood on the same stage where Steve Jobs was precisely 14 years ago, and he mentioned his last interaction with him. Tim said that he felt the loneliest when Steve left him because when Steve died, he left him with lots of responsibilities. According to Tim, your mentor might leave you prepared but can’t leave you ready. Tim wished best of luck to all those graduates who have now more responsibility than to educate themselves.

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