Disney+ Might Become A Big Destructor In Movie Streaming Industry


Every company likes to maintain their monopoly because it ultimately gives them more growth and revenue opportunity than its competitors. Netflix is that company which is currently ruling over movie streaming industry. However, Netflix’s monopoly is in danger because Disney+ is going to be a big destructor, according to many analysts. Disney is that company which has a tremendous amount of capital plus market valuation because they have continually acquired their big competitors.

Disney recently made one of the biggest trade deals when it acquired Fox Deals and bought in many movies rights. When it comes to movie streaming platform, one thing which plays the most crucial role here is intellectual property rights. Disney has rights over all favorite movies and Tv shows, which is now becoming a huge problem for Netflix. Netflix is used by more than 60 million people in USA who loves Netflix and Chill.

But, Disney is launching its movie streaming platform for as low as only $6.99, which is more than 40% lower than Netflix basic subscription fee. Now price wise Disney+ is here already beating Netflix but we go quality wise then there’s fierce competition. Netflix is spending more than $12 billion on content creating since 2018. In 2019 Netflix is coming up with lots of new shows, but still, that is not going to stop its competitors.

Disney+ is also coming up with favorite web shows based on Marvel and Star Wars characters which are surely going to attract lots of users. Reed Hastings pretty much sure that Netflix is still going to be in a top position even if competitors arise but after looking at the current situation one can say people will soon start doing Disney+ and Chill.

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