Google Testing AR Map Navigation Feature for Select Users

Google AR Map Navigation

In 2018 I/O conference, Google announced the Google Maps Navigation in Augmented reality mode. Now, we see the same feature of Augmented Reality Map navigation in the light as few select users are trialing out this feature. The current style of navigation is pretty smooth and straightforward, but sometimes it’s hard to understand the orientation on the map. To fix the issue, the AR mode has been introduced for trial users. It’s been more than half a year, since the announcement of this feature and now we are learning about the trial testing.

The mix of AI and AR in Google Maps will allow the users to know the directions to their destination efficiently. The AR mode uses the GPS and phone camera to tell where to go by showing arrows and voice intimation. It will now become more comfortable when the maps are incomplete, or you are in the crowded area where navigating through the cluster of lanes is impossible. The test version of the AR navigation asks users to hold the camera phone and point towards the road for a few seconds. Using the GPS coordinates and the data from Google Street View, the app immediately starts showing the navigation commands.

The AR feature in Google Maps will be used to improve the imagery database of Google Street View and will be added to the maps. As of now, the feature is in only the test mode. There is no information available about the release date of this app. As of now, the testing phase will be expanded to enroll more testers and will be released publically when Google seems it is ready for consumers.

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