HQ Trivia Now on Apple TV; Comes Right Away to Your Living Room

HQ Trivia Now on Apple TV

Previous year when HQ Trivia unfolded, the world got separated into two effete; amid those who stanned for the ultra-enthusiastic host Scott and then comes the rest who found him intolerable. These camps may never be harmonized. In the meantime influence of the app has shrunk a bit, but Scott is now almost to get bigger and better to be precise. Since the app is now available on Apple TV, and Scott will be appearing approximately 10 times bigger than he did earlier on the handsets.

On Tuesday 14 Aug, on Twitter HQ Trivia declared that the app had dropped in officially in people’s living room, and for each Variety, one will through the remote of Apple TV. In case one needs a reminder HQ got trivia competitions on a daily basis at 9 pm, along with broadcasts at 3 pm during weekdays. Trivia that conveys the live prevailing real-money experience to a giant screen now. It will appear somewhat familiar for those who have played it earlier in the mobile, but this game is undoubtedly well-adjusted to TV; Scott with other hosts don’t need to be tucked inside the small walls of a cell-phone display.  Players can look for the trivia game of Apple TV 4K or Apple TV 4 by searching around in the App Store on tvOS or even asking Siri to look for HQ Trivia. Various sources say that Apple TV version underpins using the iOS app for the voting, and yes adoption might have slowed down.

As of now, there’s no indication of any corresponding versions for smart TV or Android TV interfaces. It only seems an ultimate fir with the Apple TV version. One con about this it’s only linked with a single location. One needs to stay at home at the accurate time just to play along this HQ Trivia having fun in a giant screen, more like old-school gaming shows. On weekdays HQ Trivia broadcasts at 3 pm EDT and weekends 9 pm EDT for cash prizes obtainable to the winners.

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