The Cancer Rate In The USA Has Been Dropping From Last 25 Years


Many people living in the USA faces dangerous type of health problems which makes their life unpleasant. However, according to recent health study which shows that the number of cancer patients has declined in the USA from last 25 years. According to the health study done by the American Cancer Society which states there’s a 27 percent decline in the US cancer patients from last 25 years.  Approximately more than 2.6 million fewer cancer deaths have been recorded from previous 25 years which is an excellent achievement for the US health department. After inquiring further about this health study, the experts think that because of the latest technology and health awareness did by the government many people are getting better treatment for various types of cancer.

There are a huge amount of investments done by public hospitals to make sure that cancer patients are getting the right amount of treatment. Many cancer specialists think it’s essential for a patient to know at what kind of stage their cancer is since their treatment depends a lot upon it. From last few years, there has been a significant improvement in medical health care to prevent cancer disease in the early stages which saved millions of lives. There are other important things also found in this case study because according to report the percentage of liver and lung cancer is highest in men only.

A few months ago the World Health Organization revealed that more than 10 million people would die in 2018 because of cancer and according to WHO the primary reason behind the increase in the number of the cancer patient is a poor lifestyle. However, the medical industry has improved a lot from the last few years, and the US health officials think in future this condition will get even more improved.

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