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Popsugar App

You are handsome and every person you meet compliments you of being similar to a celebrity. You are proud that you are attractive and resemble with some personality. But have you ever tried finding out with whom you resemble the most? Many people try to do the same but fail to get an idea of the most resembling celebrity face. There is an Android application which allows you to find the same within a few seconds. The Popsugar Twinning app helps you match your face with the celebrity face.

Being the closes doppelgängers to a celebrity is a great thing as everyone will compliment you by every means. With the Popsugar Twinning app, you can quickly upload a selfie, and the app will match your face with other celebrities. The process is pretty simple and will take no more than a minute to match your face with others. All you have to do is to upload a selfie or a photo, and the app will scan the facial points with the database of celebrity pictures. After the scanning is complete, you can see the Twinning percentage on the screen. The Twinning percentage shows the approximate percentage match of your facial structure with that of the celebrity.

Although the app is very accurate, it may sometimes provide erroneous results to the user. Mostly when the user has applied a lot of makeup or when the lighting conditions are bad. You can quickly fix that issue with a good quality selfie taken in the artificial lighting conditions. Also, there were some security flaws in the app which leaked the selfies of users on the internet. There is nothing to worry as of now as the Popsugar Twinning app is now secure with all of the bugs fixed. You can visit the Google Play Store to download this fantastic app on your smartphone.

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